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According to the

American Pet Products Association,

Americans spent an estimated $69.4 billion on their pets in 2017, which was up from $66.8 billion in 2016. Americans have steadily spent more on their pets since 1994, the year that the American Pet Products Association began tracking and publishing this data.

We believe that hemp for pets will become as vital to the animal health industry as it is to consumers today. We know those pet owners will spend whatever they have to improve the quality and longevity of their pets’ lives.

Herbal Pet will be synonymous with a new standard of care in pet health. Our product can provide safe, natural, veterinarian-recommended products directly to owners.
By placing pets over profit margins, Herbal Pet delivers the highest quality cannabinoid-based nutraceuticals for cats and dogs. The longer we can enrich our furry friends’ lives, the longer they can enrich ours.




Hemp for Diabetes In Pets

Like humans, pets can also be diagnosed with diabetes. This blog will attempt to educate and inform pet owners about pet diabetes, what pets are

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