CBD oil is trending, and many are using it for their pets. In fact, pet owners are turning to 100% human-grade ingredient products for their pets.

So why use 100% human-grade CBD oil for pets?

Just as American pet owners have long turned to human-grade meats to keep their pets healthy and feeling like real members of the family, they are doing the same with CBD oil.

As of 2017, 37.2% and 32.4% of U.S. households owned dogs and cats, respectively, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. The average household owned 1.7 dogs and 2.2 cats.

Most U.S. pet owners consider their pet their best friend, with pet retail sales supporting this phenomenon. Pet food retail sales have rocketed, with more and more money being spent on food, according to Statista.

The greatest expense for American pet owners is vet visits, with 80 percent taking their pets to the vet last year. Interestingly, almost half of this number was spent on “spoiling” pets, such as buying treats, grooming, and toys.

In line with this “spoiling” of pets and the skyrocketing popularity of CBD oil, owners are using the substance to treat their four-legged family members’ pain, arthritis, seizures, and diabetes.  

Retailers are noticing, and taking advantage. The products are now being sold anywhere from animal groomers to doggie day cares.

But while the products are very popular, there isn’t a lot of research about how the oil works or its dangers.

CBD is legal in all 50 states, although there are situations in which it isn’t legal. One important factor is whether the oil is derived from hemp or marijuana. While marijuana can contain up to 30 percent THC, hemp contains no more than 0.3 percent THC. Since hemp-derived CBD has no psychoactive effects, it is legal. In fact, in some states, marijuana-derived CBD is also completely legal. In most states, it is a mixed bag, making it very confusing.  

For example, while California physicians can recommend but not prescribe cannabis products for human patients, they are not allowed to even broach the subject with pets. Additionally, many traditional vets disapprove of the growing but unregulated industry.

So while it may seem “extra” to treat our pets to 100% human-grade CBD oil, it may actually be smart, particularly in an industry that is just burgeoning and still highly controversial.

Take the pet food industry, for example. Often, companies display pictures of whole grains, prime cuts of meat, and human-grade vegetables on their products. What they actually put inside, however, is very different.

For instance, instead of “wholesome chicken meat,” they have substituted chicken heads, feet, feathers, and intestines. “Choice” cuts of beef are actually cow brains, tongues, esophagi, and fetal tissue high in hormones. “Whole grains” have had the starch removed for cornstarch powder and the oil extracted. Actual whole grains have been deemed unfit for human consumption due to mold, contaminants, or poor quality. In fact, most pet food recalls result from toxic grain products like corn or wheat.  

The pet food industry is an 11-billion-dollar a year, unregulated operation that feeds on the garbage that should end up in a landfill.

What’s even more staggering is that more than 95% of pets derive their nutritional needs from a single source, processed pet foods.

100% human-grade ingredients mean that your pet is getting the highest quality, safety, and transparency available. It also means that you are serving your little pal the same ingredients you would serve to your family at home. Meat is USDA-certified, and vegetables are farm fresh and dehydrated.

In a country where we simply do not play around with our pets, we will continue protecting them in whatever little ways we can, even if it costs us a little bit more to do it.


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