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        • “I instantly thought of Herbal Pet when my horse was walking with a limp because I always knew there was so much buzz around that product…”

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      Herbal Pet seeks to establish the new standard of care in pet health by providing safe, natural, veterinarian-recommended products to owners

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Dog & Cat Mom Mother’s Day Gift Guide

All of the dog and cat moms out there can attest, our fur babies are our lives. In fact, we’d spend all of our time and money on them if we could! So, why not give the special dog or cat mom in your life a gift this mother’s day that will showcase just how much she...

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What Dog Breed is Best for You and Your Lifestyle?

As pet lovers, we know that every dog deserves a loving home. What’s more though, is that you, your family, and your dog deserve the best match.  People may love dogs and want to own one, but have a job where they’re away from home 12+ hours a day. Maybe you are...

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The Mind of a Dog: They Understand More Than We Realize

Does your dog really smile at you? Does he feel guilty for stealing that slice of pizza off your plate? What is he trying to say with that annoying bark?  After many decades of research, neuroscientists and psychologists have begun to answer questions like these,...

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Hemp for Diabetes In Pets

Like humans, pets can also be diagnosed with diabetes. This blog will attempt to educate and inform pet owners about pet diabetes, what pets are most at risk, the signs of diabetes to watch out for, and how hemp oil can help!  What is Diabetes?  According...

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Hemp Oil and Gum Disease in Pets

If your dog is anything like mine, he or she probably doesn’t enjoy getting their teeth brushed. Dental hygiene is an important practice for pets because, like humans, plaque and bacteria can grow. It is important for their overall health to have clean teeth and gums....

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Why You Should Use CBD For Your Pet’s Anxiety

Pet anxiety is a real thing. Perhaps you care for a rescue cat or dog and they have had a difficult time adjusting to your new home. Or maybe your dog is terribly afraid of thunderstorms, the car, Halloween, fireworks, or going to the vet. Whatever the case, this...

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CBD For Your Teething Puppy

Did you recently get a new puppy? Is the cute little fur-ball chewing on everything in sight? Ever wondered why they love to chew so much and how you can steer them away from your favorite pair of shoes or your beautiful windowsill? This article explores the answers...

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A Spotlight on Herbal Pet’s Top-Selling Products!

At Herbal Pet, we stand for the complete well-being of our pets. We have created a new standard of care in pet health with our safe, natural, veterinarian-recommended CBD products. We are committed to delivering the highest quality cannabinoid-based nutraceuticals for...

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For The Love – Using CBD To Help Your Pet’s Heart

We have learned many benefits of giving your pet CBD. This article will discuss CBD and your pet’s heart health - symptoms of a problem and preventative options. Let’s keep their hearts ticking with help from CBD!  All pets have an endocannabinoid system, just like...

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