CBD For Your Teething Puppy

Did you recently get a new puppy? Is the cute little fur-ball chewing on everything in sight? Ever wondered why they love to chew so much and how you can steer them away from your favorite pair of shoes or your beautiful windowsill? This article explores the answers to these questions and how CBD can help! 

Why Puppies Love To Chew

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), puppy teething is completely normal. They explain the primary reasons for puppy teething are the desire to investigate new and interesting things and the discomfort of teething. Chewing is a primary way puppies explore the world, strengthen their jaw, and help relieve pain from incoming teeth. Puppies, like humans, go through a period of time where they lose their baby teeth and experience the pain of their adult teeth breaking through their gums. 

Tips to Encourage Healthy Teething 

If you’ve ever been around a teething baby, then it’s likely you’ve seen how uncomfortable and painful it can be for them. The same is true for puppies. Below are some tips you can implement to encourage healthy teething for your puppy: 

  • Try CBD! Cannabidiol (CBD) interacts with your puppy’s endocannabinoid system. CBD oil has been shown to reduce inflammation and sensitivity to pain. Herbal Pet offers a beef flavored tincture for dogs that is sure to delight and help reduce the pain of those adult teeth coming in! 
  • cbdinstead.com suggests making their toys more exciting by bringing them out one at a time. Once they are bored with a toy, switch it up! A new and exciting toy will more likely hold their attention. 
  • A tired dog is a happy dog! Be sure to get active with your pup, giving them proper exercise, playtime, and walks. A sleepy puppy is less likely to chew your house apart! 

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