Dogs and cats are part of our families so anytime they aren’t feeling 100 percent, we’ll do whatever it takes to get them feeling better.

The thought of turning to cannabis-based products was laughable just a few years ago. You can ask Nevada Senator Tick Segerblom who tried to pass a bill back in 2015 in his state that would allow pets to receive medical cannabis just like people. The bill did not pass.

“When my bill was first introduced, it was perceived as a joke, now 3 years later, everyone is on board,” Segerblom tells us.

The idea to add animals into his bill did not come out of nowhere though. He says that several pet owners had gotten in contact with him to let him know that cannabis-based treatments were working for their pets.

A Nevada-based veterinarian, Dr. Stacy L. Hosking, who works for Nevada Veterinary Cardiology, agrees that there is merit to cannabis treatments for our pets, and even says that CBD oil specifically can help the furry members of our family.

“We are starting to see some clinical trials (mostly out of Colorado) for conditions such as arthritis, neurological disease and neoplasia,” Hosking says.

If a patient asks her about potentially turning to CBD for treatment, she is happy to discuss it. “I’m a veterinary cardiologist, so most of my patients are elderly and have multiple medical issues,” she continues. “So when they seem stiff/arthritic and aren’t eating as well, to me, that’s the main indication to discuss CBD.”

She has also heard good feedback from clients who have turned to CBD for their ailing pets. For instance, one Nevada resident treats her dog Molly with CBD, according to KOLO-TV, and it is working very well for her.

The good thing about hemp-infused CBD is that there are no THC side effects like marijuana that can alter the mind.

“If dogs get too much THC, they get a non-fatal but perhaps distressing temporary condition called ‘static ataxia,’” Hosking elaborates.

As for the amount of CBD oil to give your pet, just like with any treatment, dosages can vary but Hosking usually starts with “a dose of 0.1 mg/kg of bodyweight of CBD once daily” for “most patients (dogs, cats).”

There is a lot more evidence of pet owners touting the success of CBD treatment. One individual in Colorado said that his dog was suffering from gum issues, according to the Keene Sentinel where he said, “Within a few days, [my dog’s] gum inflammation was gone and his breath went from horrible to normal dog breath.”

Studies are taking place all over the country to see if there are more ties between CBD treatments and pet health.

Furthermore, Erin Berthelsen, a licensed veterinarian at Cornell University tells us that they conducted a study on dogs with osteoarthritis last year by giving them CBD oil treatment, and it was helpful to some of the dogs in the study. Full results from that study have not been made available yet.

But as people across the United States become more comfortable talking about CBD oil as a treatment for humans, you may also want to consider using it as a treatment for your pets.

“I was a laughing stock at the time [of my 2015 bill],” Segerblom recalls. “Now I look prescient.”


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