Helping Your Pet this Fourth of July

With Independence Day quickly approaching, we need to be mindful of our furry friends and the possible fear of fireworks. Some pet owners have stated, in the past, that their dogs get frightened by fireworks and that they don’t have a solution to help solve their pets anxieties. That’s where CBD can come into play for your pets.

People have been talking for some time now, about how to help pets deal with anxiety and CBD has definitely been at the forefront of those conversations. According to Ryan Maddox, the owner of Healing Wichita, “many dog owners, in the area and beyond, have turned to CBD oil to help calm their pets. You will immediately notice a difference in your dog’s behavior…The panic and terror you’re seeing form the dog every time an explosion goes off is not going to be there.”

In an article from USA Today, Jorge L. Ortiz states “studies by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals show more dogs run away in July than in any other month, although it’s not entirely clear what role Independence Day celebrations play in those escapes. It may be that holiday parties provide easier breakout chances for dogs scared by fireworks, though the thunderstorms common to July may prompt them to bolt as well.” You can read this full article here.

We all have our most dreadful and undesirable phobias and fears and there’s a big misconception that our pets do not experience these same types of fears and phobias as we do. We as pet owners have to step up to the plate to recognize & identify when our pets are afraid and why. Using Herbal Pet can help ease their anxiety and give them a level-headed mind to better make decisions for whether they’re in a situation they should be afraid of or not.

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