We all have our most dreadful and undesirable phobias and fears. With this being said, there’s a big misconception that our pets do not experience these same types of fears and phobias as we do.  Most fears, phobias, and anxieties in pets develop at the onset of social maturity, from 12 to 36 months of age. Often times owners who have a pet they adopted from a shelter, or don’t know the full history of, assume that fearful or anxious behaviors they have are because of past abuse and tend to ignore the problem. We as pet owners have to step up to the plate to recognize & identify when our pets are afraid and why. We must also be the pioneers for our pets by teaching them what’s safe and what’s not safe for them.

Helping your pet to stay relaxed or acknowledge that they are safe with you can sometimes alleviate their fears. Find ways to condition them so they know when something is harmful and when it’s not. Using Herbal Pet can help ease their anxiety and give them a level-headed mind to better make decisions for whether they’re in a situation they should be afraid of or not.

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