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There is nothing worse than waking up with an upset stomach. Even though, we as human beings have our fair share of techniques when it comes to finding a remedy, or a quick fix. Some of these solutions may include drinking ginger ale, eating saltine crackers, or could be even as simple as getting proper rest.  It is not too much of a problem when it comes to making ourselves feel better but how do we help ease our pet’s aches & pains when they don’t have the ability to tell us what’s wrong with them? We must first start off by recognizing some of the common problems when it comes to pet digestive issues.

Symptoms of pet digestive problems may include changes in appetite, changes in stool quality or quantity, regurgitation, and vomiting. With chronic disease, weight loss may also occur. Vomiting is the most common of them all and will indicate if your pet has been suffering from nausea prior. The time of vomiting relative to eating and the presence of bile, stomach fluid, or blood is important to determine where in the intestinal tract and stomach the problem is occurring.

Even if you are someone that is dedicated to the very well-being of your pet, it is still difficult to be able to help your animal without the proper know-how and instruction. We highly suggest that you seek professional help. and perhaps consider trying organic & natural alternatives like Herbal Pet that could have significant results when comes to easing the pains and upsets of your sick companion.  

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The benefit of using Herbal Pet Hemp Oil for any digestive problems is that our products contain human-grade ingredients. We’re not kitten around! “Human-grade” essentially means that the ingredients within our products are strictly regulated, and can even be considered “edible” for humans. (Meaning, you could actually eat our chews or tinctures, but we would highly recommend that you save that savory goodness for your doggos or feline pals.)

Most pet companies that aren’t as closely managed tend to use ingredients that we wouldn’t even put into our own bodies, such as artificial flavors, processed foods, or even fats and grease. Surprisingly enough, to make the cost of producing food as inexpensive as possible, companies will even toss in diseased animals, or moldy grains. (Yuck!) Misleading images on packaging may lead pet owners to believe they are providing the best for their furry friend, but in reality, they are being kept in the dark. The FDA does not heavily enforce rules and regulations for pet food; which leads both pet owners and other precious animals to suffer. No pet-baby should have to deal with even more toxins entering their sensitive bodies; especially when they’re already battling indigestion. We believe ingredients should be better suited for animals, because shopping for organic, high-quality ingredients shouldn’t be a hassle for you and your furry friend.

Hemp-derived CBD also takes place naturally within your fur-baby’s body, giving them the comfort they desire. Being a savvy, and health conscious pet-parent can be easy with Herbal Pet, and taking the necessary steps to provide high-end ingredients for your pet baby is only half the battle. It’s very important to start considering what is going into their bodies, especially when their stomachs are in a delicate state. Your four-legged pal will taste the difference, and they’ll be pouncing around in no time.

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