It is a natural instant for your pet to want to run around, jump high, and promote their activeness. Unfortunately, there comes a time where our furry loved ones experience mobility issues like arthritis, joint inflammation, and damaged cartilage. As a loving pet owner watching this happen to your best friend can be extremely challenging.

Some of the common signs that your pet is experiencing joint or mobility problems are as shown:

  •   Reluctance to stand
  •   Difficulty walking and climbing stairs
  •   Lameness/limping
  •   Stiffness
  •   Sudden weight gain
  •   Moving slower/low activity level
  •   Cautious when walking
  •   Change in behavior/hesitant to play

If you would like to help your pet prevent or conquer these issues then you must take the proper precautions. Nutrition is essential to support a pet’s lean body mass and promote joint health so that they can be in the best shape possible to enjoy an active and happy life. Given mobility issues are caused by such a wide array of conditions, the most important factors to consider when selecting a brand are the following three focuses:

  1. Keeping them lean with strong muscle and a healthy weight
  2. Increased levels of omega 3 fatty acids
  3. Adding glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate

If you would like additional help with preventing your pet from experiencing any joint and mobility upsets then we suggest you look into our Herbal Pet products. Our products promote health and wellness for your animal and can become a handy resource when making sure they stay in top shape.

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