If you can name one of the most irritating feelings you have to experience more then once it’s probably feeling a sense of itchiness. If we dislike the feeling being itchy so much then imagine how our pet companions feel when they can’t stop catering to their itch. It is important that if our animal is itching very frequently that we acknowledge the situation and try to create a solution to the issue.

Most skin and coat abnormalities can be defined by or placed in one of these categories:

  • Environmental
  • Nutritional
  • Parasitic
  • Allergic
  • Neurogenic
  • Infectious

Without proper nourishment skin problems with your pets like in dogs and cats is just one of the possible reactions; the animal’s entire body, not just its skin and coat, will be continuously in a state of stress. Also, many types of cat or dog skin problems are avoided if the animal consumes an optimum diet. In some cases, adding a supplement, such as an omega fatty acid supplement. There is also another alternative resource that can help prevent discomfort in your pet’s life and that resource is our Herbal Pet topicals and creams. We suggest trying out our solution to your pet’s pains and as a result, watch your pet live a long & healthy life.

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