Your pets can be an essential part of your life. You feed them and clean up after them daily. In return, your pet is always there for you. When you come home after a long day at work, your pet is there to comfort you. When you are sad or lonely, your pet cheers you up. You and your pet form a strong relationship where you love and care for each other. As your pet is busy caring for you, they can come across issues of their own. Plights, such as depression and chronic pain, are not only felt by humans. Animals can suffer from these afflictions too, including your pet. With your role as the caretaker of your pet, you might have difficulty figuring out exactly how you can help them. An option that has proven to be effective is CBD. CBD is a non-psychoactive strain of cannabis. It has many health benefits that can be used for the pet. Below, you will find different ways that CBD allows you to support your pet through their ailments.

  1. Pain

When your pet is in pain, CBD products can help them with managing it. CBD is known for its pain relief benefits. When it enters the human body, it interacts with the nervous system. It relaxes the aspects of the system that communicate pain to the brain. By doing this, the amount of discomfort that the user feels is significantly reduced. Studies have also shown that CBD is effective for pain relief. A study by the NIAAA is one of them. In the experiment, researchers found that CBD is an effective method of countering neuropathic and inflammation-related pain. Another study by the University of Kentucky concluded that CBD was an effective pain management as they found that it gave relief to mice with arthritis. If your pet is suffering from constant pain, CBD can give them the relief they need.

  1. Mood

Your pet may not seem like themselves. They might appear to not have the energy that once had or to be more anxious than usual. An animal can have problems with anxiety and mood in the same way that a person can. CBD can help your pet if it is experiencing those problems. CBD can provide its user with relaxation. While the mood is often talked about in a psychological sense, it is also determined by chemical and physical reactions. When the substance makes contact with the nervous system, it does not only reduce pain; the messages that it sends to the brain also enable the body to relax. This can result in an improvement in mood. A study from the University of Newcastle documents how CBD can improve mood and anxiety on a chemical level. Your pet does not have to deal with their mood-related issues alone. CBD can aid them in managing it.

  1. Sleep

Animals can have sleeping problems, just like people. And, those sleeping problems can make them sluggish and slow. Also, CBD can help them fix their insomnia. CBD relaxes receptors in the nervous system. Once your pets are calmer, it will be easier for them to sleep. A study from the University of São Paulo shows how CBD products can help with sleep. Researchers tested the effects of CBD on lab rats and found that CBD increased the number of hours that they slept. Another study from the Centre for Human Sciences, QinetiQ showed that CBD can improve sleep and help its user to become more active once they’re awake. That being said, if your pet is not sleeping right, CBD products can help them.

  1. Appetite

You may notice that your pet’s bowl is still full hours after you gave them their food. You try to get them to eat but they refuse. CBD can help bring back your pet’s appetite. The nervous system sends messages from the digestive system to the brain, letting your pet know that they need to eat. However, the nervous system can become overwhelmed. Once this happens, the messages it communicates can become jumbled, including the ones from the digestive system. This can reduce the number of messages sent from the digestive system through the nervous system, which can cause a lack of an appetite. CBD can relax the nervous system, which allows more communication to pass through it. The end results would be the return of an appetite. The effects that CBD has on an appetite have been noted by many research studies, including the one conducted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

CBD has many benefits for your pet. If interested, stay tuned for news on Herbal Pet’s products.

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