100% Human-Grade Quality

Pets don’t know that our product is 100% natural, human-grade ingredients, made in the U.S. at a USDA facility, but if they did, they would love it even more. While most pet food on the market is regulated as “animal feed,” which is allowed to contain meats from so-called 4D (dead, dying, diseased or disabled) animals, we pride ourselves on competitive advantages that matter. HerbalPet™ uses 100% human-grade ingredients adhering to the highest possible quality, safety and transparency guidelines.

In fact, about 98% of pet food on the market today is regulated by state feed control officials (with FDA oversight) as “animal feed,” meaning that it can contain by-products, chemicals, fillers and other ingredients that have been determined to be unsafe or unfit for human consumption. While this may not be how all pet foods are made, since feed companies don’t need to disclose this information, there really is no way for you (or your pet) to know.

Minimally-Processed, Whole Food Nutrition

We take whole foods and prepare them in small batches at low temperatures, tenderly dehydrating them. As a result, the food retains the natural and essential vitamins and nutrients that healthy pets need. And because the food is close to its natural state, pets love it.

Every single one of our ingredients is human-grade: They are the same ingredients you would serve at home, such as USDA-certified meat, farm-fresh dehydrated vegetables, and ocean-caught, never-farmed cod liver. We use organic ingredients wherever possible. We never use any highly-processed meats or synthetic or processed-vegetable protein substitutes. All of our ingredients are attentively sourced from farms in the United States and around the world that adhere to the highest quality and safety standards. We never use ingredients from China.  

Chicken raised without growth hormones*By-products
Sweet potatoesMeal by-products (no chicken meal,
no poultry meal, no poultry by-product meal)
Organic potatoes4D meat**
Fuji applesChemicals
Organic flaxseedArtificial flavors
SpinachArtificial preservatives or colors
BroccoliGMO ingredients
CranberriesHormones or steroids*
BlueberriesCorn, wheat or soy protein
Chicory rootBHA/BHT synthetic preservatives
Cod liver oilAnimal digest or rendered/hydrolyzed fat
Whole eggsNitrates
Grain-freeIrradiated ingredients
MSGBeet pulp

*Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in human-quality poultry.

**Regulations allow 4D meat (dead, dying, diseased or disabled animals) in pet food.


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