With growing popularity in America for its health benefits, CBD has been a subject of controversy for use in both men and women.  Benefits of CBD range from pain relief to stress management, from digestive health to help with joints and mobility.  Studies are now showing that CBD benefits do not only apply to humans but also extend to our little furry pets at home.

CBD for pets has been used by many pet owners to help with their pets ailments or simply just to live a better quality of life. If your pet is suffering from ailments such as digestive disorders, nausea, joint inflammation, sensitive skin, allergies, to name a few, CBD tinctures and other CBD pet products can help.

Even though, pet owners are not reluctant to give their pets CBD, the concerns lie in how to administer CBD with your pet  Here are some top tips on giving your pet CBD.


    Herbal Pet CBD Tincture for DogsCBD has been proven to have many health benefits. However, like most medicine, CBD cannot be used properly unless the symptoms that it is supposed to treat are fully recognized. It is no different with applying these products to your pet. Before you use CBD to help your furry companion, you need to know what is wrong with them. For instance, you might assume that your pet has a lack of an appetite. Therefor, you buy pet CBD for appetite to treat them for that. But if what your pet is really going through is a mood issue, a loss of appetite is simply a symptom of it.Thus, the CBD that you are giving them is not being properly used. While it might yield some positive result, it can only work so well since it is being used to handle the wrong affliction. By understanding exactly what is wrong with your pet, you can use CBD properly on them.

    If you intend to give CBD to your pet orally, the best way to do that is to simply put it in their food. It is something that they already eat on a daily basis. Once you give them their food, just put a few drops of CBD on it. Your pet will come and eat it, successfully getting CBD into their system. The alternative option would be to put the drops directly into your pet’s mouth, which would be considerably harder. You would have to hold your pet’s mouth open, which would be very uncomfortable for them.
    Your pet would likely attempt to wrestle away from you and maybe even bite you. Eventually, you will get the drops in there but only after a long struggle. Avoid fighting with your pet and just put CBD in their food.

    Herbal Pet CBD Tincture for CatsIf you intend to give CBD to your pet in the form of oil, the best way to do that is by applying it slowly. If you do too fast, then you risk scaring your pet. Animals do not communicate in the same way as people do. A lot of their communication is nonverbal. You cannot simply tell them what you’re doing. If you move too quickly, they may perceive what you are doing as a threat and run. If you are using CBD oil to treat a pet with anxiety problem, you especially want to move as slowly as possible. You want your pet to be as comfortable as possible when you rub CBD oil on them. By going slower, you can make them more relaxed.
    Once you know how to use CBD products on your pet, you can start properly using it on them.

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