While many people deeply care for their pet, they may not be aware of what is in their food. Animal health and dieting are not considered in the same way as they are for humans. It’s true that human beings and animals have different physiology but there are some similarities in body function, including a reaction to food. An animal can have the same response to their diet as humans do although animal food is regulated in a much more lax way than human food. The same is also true about other pet items. This could leave your pet open to getting sick from their food and possibly other items. That is where human-grade ingredients in pet items come in.

Human-grade ingredients are exactly what they sound like: The compounds inside them are held to a human standard. It does not mean that these pet items are for human usage. Rather, the manufacturing process and ingredients of them are similar to how human products are produced. So, instead of making a product approved for animals, the company would make one approved for humans. This would increase the caliber of commodity that isn’t often dealt with. Pets are loved and cared for in many homes. They can be our best friend. However, regardless of how much you love your pet, they are still animals. The state of care given to their products will still be limited due to that fact. Human-grade ingredients offer a chance for your pet to get better products than what is usually provided to them.

The value of human-grade ingredients can be seen in the distinction between pet and human products. Pet products are at a lower standard than human products when it comes to safety. For instance, salmonella bacteria are often found in different brands of pet food, due to the raw components of them. Various cases of salmonella poisoning in dogs were linked to dog food in a study conducted by the CDC. This year alone, multiple pet-food manufacturers have had to recall their food because salmonella was found in them. As for human food, on the other hand, there are much fewer cases of salmonella discovered in them. That is because human goods are better tested and regulated than pet goods. With human-grade ingredients, the risk of bacteria in food is lower since human  food is better prepared than pet food.

This same logic can be applied to other pet products as well. There are plenty of things that you could be giving your pet that might be harmful. You cannot possibly know all of them. Human-grade ingredients are a healthy method of greatly reducing the risk to your pet’s well-being. Your pet deserves to have the best quality of care that you can provide to them. By using human-grade ingredients, you could help them in many ways.

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