As pet lovers, we know that every dog deserves a loving home. What’s more though, is that you, your family, and your dog deserve the best match. 

People may love dogs and want to own one, but have a job where they’re away from home 12+ hours a day. Maybe you are a runner and want a dog that’s high energy and athletic. Or maybe your child has an allergy and needs a hypoallergenic dog. 

The American Kennel Club

The American Kennel Club (AKC) officially registers 193 breeds today. There clearly is an option for everyone and every family! 

The AKC filters dog breeds into categories. Let’s touch on each one and provide examples of dogs in hopes you find one that may match well with your lifestyle! 

  1. Group – Listed below are the types of dog groups with an example for each:  
  2. Activity Level – Some dogs need lots of activity, which some are more calm and docile, even lazy! 😉 A border collie is a dog with high energy, while an Estrela Mountain Dog is relatively calm and is characterized as a homebody. 
  3. Barking Level – For some people, barking does not bother them. Some dog owners want a dog that will bark when necessary for protection. However, maybe you live in a crowded apartment complex, so a barker wouldn’t be the best fit. Boston Terriers rarely bark, while Bloodhounds like to be vocal 😉 
  4. Coat Type – Do you like dogs with long hair, like an Afghan Hound, or do you prefer one with short hair, like a Boerboel? Basset Hounds are characterized as having smooth hair, while some dogs, like the Chinese Crested dog, are even hairless! 
  5. Shedding – This is a big factor for lots of folks when it comes to choosing a breed, especially if you or a family member has an allergy. A frequent shedder is the beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, while an infrequent shedder is the Bichon Frise or Bergamasco Sheepdog. 
  6. Size – Some people love dogs that can fit in their purse while others love the extra large teddy bear-type dogs. Sizes range from small (Maltese) to medium (Samoyed) to large (Saluki) to extra-large (Saint Bernard). 
  7. Trainability – There are certain breeds, such as the German Shepherd, that are highly motivated to train and work. Other dogs, such as the Swedish Lapphund, may be more stubborn. 

As you can see, there are many breeds to choose from to fit your lifestyle! We at Herbal Pet believe all dogs deserve a loving home and family that will care for their health and well-being. Our line of veterinarian-recommended hemp products will ensure your dog feels their very best!